Social Media


Cornerstone Baptist Church is committed to expanding its reach beyond Bedford Stuyvesant, beyond Brooklyn to all corners of the world.  We currently have fans in the US, Turkey, the Philippines, Malaysia, Venezuela, Bermuda, Italy, Australia, India, Mexico and Saudi Arabia and our page is read in 4 languages.  Within the US, we have fans from New York to Atlanta to Texas.   We have an average reach of 2000 people per week. 

The Social Media team is responsible for making sure all the events at the church are broadcast to members, friends and everyone across the web.  This includes Facebook (www.facebook.com/cbc.booklyn), Twitter (@cbc_brooklyn), and YouTube (www.youtube.com/cbcny) .


Media Production


Our media production team captures quality recordings of Cornerstone worship services and other important church events.  Our team records worship services in DVD & CD format. Team members pay close attention to every detail and strive for excellence.


  Media Express Center


        Sermons and worship services recorded at Cornerstone Baptist Church are available for sale at the Media Express Center in CD & DVD format.  Your media can be picked up immediately after service or by placing an online order. You may also place an order via check or money order.   





cornerstonebaptistchurch.net,is the online home of Cornerstone Baptist Church. We are committed to spreading the word of Jesus Christ through the information super highway. Our goal is to “Share Jesus Now”, and to promote Cornerstone Baptist Church and its’ wonderful spiritual edifice. In addition to keeping the Internet world abreast of our activities. the Cornerstone website is also an invitation for all to come visit our church. A place "Where Welcome and Worship are Warm".


External Communication


 The external communications department handles church public relations and press activity which includes

coordinating arrangements for visiting notable guests including church dignitaries, elected officials, national and international travelers as well as promoting positive stories about church activities in the media and other outlets.